Rent Check independent living space

This Rent Check gives you a good estimate of the maximum rent for self-contained accommodation. In order to calculate the number of points, you need to answer various questions; for example, about floor area, facilities and heating. This calculation results in a total number of points. The total number of points determines the maximum basic rent for the accommodation that is legally permitted. While the landlord may not ask for a higher rent, a lower rent is permitted.

The Rent Check is a tool developed by the Rent Tribunal in association with the Woonbond (the Netherlands Union of Tenants) and Vastgoed Belang (the Dutch Association of Private Investors in Real Estate).

Before you start the check
This Rent Check consists of 6 parts. Depending on the accommodation, it will take 30 minutes on average to complete it carefully. You can stop completion of the check midway and continue later.

More information
You can find more information about the points system on the Rent and points system page.
If you have any questions about the Rent Check, please contact the Public Information Service.

The Rent Check enables you to calculate the total number of points for housing accurately. However, due to measurement errors or interpretation differences, the outcome may differ from the total number of points based on a housing evaluation by the Rent Tribunal. For this reason, you cannot derive any rights from the outcome. The policy book on the housing evaluation system for self-contained accommodation describes exactly how the Rent Tribunal applies the points system. You can find the policy book on the Documents page.

Please note: The rest of the procedure of the Rent Tribunal (the application, letters, inspection inside the accommodation, report and  the meeting of the Rent Tribunal) is in Dutch only. Non-Dutch speakers are advised to ask colleagues or friends for help where necessary. It is allowed to bring an interpreter of advisor to hearings of the Rent Tribunal (Huurcommissie).